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Year round comfort and Enhanced living space is now a reality with Dreamspace 3200 All-Season Patio Enclosures.
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  Opportunities abound with Thermal Industries' beautiful, thermally-broken, life-enhancing patio enclosures. From a recreation area to an exercise room, to a breakfast nook, the possibilities for new living space are only limited by your imagination.

Sunrooms and Patio Enclosures Looking for additional leisure space for just three seasons? Look no further than Three-Season DreamspacE 300 Patio Enclosures. These non-thermally broken patio enclosures are the perfect solution for enhanced leisure space.

All DreamspacE Patio Enclosures feature Thermal Industries energy efficient slider vinyl windows, specifically designed for our patio enclosures.

Homeowners have the option to custom design either model of DreamspacE Patio Enclosures to the exact size and options that fit your needs, lifestyle and of course, budget. Or, homeowners may choose from one of six marquee and nine cathedral style standard room designs for either the DS3200 and DS300. Functional and beautiful living space is ready and waiting to make your dreams a reality with DreamspacE Patio Enclosures.